Privacy and Confidentiality in Psychotherapy

Ms. Sanders will not release any information that you share with her unless you agree with this release and sign a form to that effect. One exception to this rule is in the case of an acute emergency where there is an imminent danger to anyone. If there is such a danger, Ms. Sanders is required by law to help keep you safe and to notify the necessary authorities.

Confidentiality guidelines are designed to help clients feel safe enough to explore their innermost thoughts and feelings without any concern about this information being shared. Healing can happen only in this safe set of boundaries within the therapeutic relationship.

Ms. Sanders uses a bookkeeper for billing and this person is also bound by Ms. Sanders' confidentiality guidelines. If Ms. Sanders shares client information in a supervisory session, she will either change all identifying data that is shared, or she will ask your permission before doing so. You always have the option to disagree with such sharing.

Privacy and Confidentiality in Collaborative Divorce Coaching

Within the Collaborative Divorce process, the couple agrees to provide information to the whole team and not just to the Divorce Coach. Within the Collaborative Divorce process, the team is able to share information among the professionals with clients' consents in order to create an effective plan designed to serve the whole family.